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"Not enough people in this world are happy."

Karen Anne Carpenter (March 2, 1950 - February 4, 1983)


Words of inspiration from Evelyne “Magical Hair” Brochu

I have always been a person who is “sensitive,” and I take too long to get over everything. Reading old journals and notebooks, I am reminded that feelings are, in their essence, immediate, and they pass over us like shadows. All the words I collect are artifacts of sentiments that do not exist and could not even be conceived of again — ideas that once desperately needed to be expressed disappear, leaving husks of language that I save, I care for.




walking into the wrong class




Well of course he does, he just walked into the wrong class.

Someone, anyone, talk to me!

I’d love to get to know some more people with similar interests here on tumblr, so if you love

-Once Upon A Time 
-Lana Parrilla
-Orphan Black
-Tatiana Maslany & Evelyne Brochu
-Orange is the New Black 
-Grey’s Anatomy
-Sara Ramirez
-Elizabeth Mitchell 
Then message me, I’d love to make some new friends in the fandoms ^.^ 




this mother fucker is the voice of nemo


shit i think i want to fuck nemo

this little fucker goes to my college— I’ve met him. To make matter worse, he’s sweet and shy. And hates it when people whisper “fish are friends, not food” around him. 

oh my god


this just hit me so hard

OUAT Rewatch
↳ 2x01 - Broken


such a powerful message

And you arrive in this town and you discover conjoined twins Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson) and they become the new star of your show?
Jessica Lange: Yeah, that was a way a lot of these people were found. They would find them in hospitals or jails or wherever and recruited. So that’s how Sarah is introduced into the story. I hear something about her, she’s in the hospital, and I go there.

Is it a maternal relationship between Elsa and the twins?
Jessica Lange: Well, maternal would be putting it very generously. My character is very manipulative. She understands what’s needed, and she provides it. However, the thing I want to be very clear in this is that my character Elsa really loves these people. She truly cares for them, in her own selfish, narcissistic way. But they mean a great deal to her. It’s not just exploitation. She’s tough, and she’s mean sometimes, and all of that, but she really does love them.

EW: I heard you get to sing again.
Jessica Lange: Oh my God! Singing, yes! In the first four episodes[AHS Freak Show], I sing three numbers. Which is nuts!


wtf rachel

I really do love you.


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